Rola Volkswagen Western Cape ǀ New or Used?



New Vehicle

Brand new Volkswagen comes standard with a 3-year / 120 000km manufacturer warranty, offering its drivers added peace of mind.


A new vehicle probably won't need new tyres, battery, new brakes or exhaust system during the first few years of ownership. 

Shopping for a new Volkswagen provides the opportunity to get exactly what you want. 

You can test drive several different makes and models until you find the one that suits your needs and pocket, and if you don't like its features, the may be able to order a vehicle outfitted to your specifications directly from the factory.
Buying a new Volkswagen also gives you access to the latest safety and comfort features.  With the benefit of Volkswagen AutoMotion Maintenance Plan (available on most models) the cost of routine maintenance is taken care of.

Unlike so many used vehicles, Volkswagen Mastercars are put through the most stringent of quality checks, making sure that the vehicle you receive comes with a full service history, guaranteed ownership and certified mileage and a 7 day exchange plan.

Any components that need replacing are fitted with genuine Volkswagen parts. Owning and operating a previously owned vehicle cost much less than a new vehicle, primarily because depreciation is no longer such an issue with a used vehicle.

Owing to Volkswagen under the skin German engineering, you can rest assured that if looked after properly, your MasterCar will deliver loyal service for many years.
With all the above in mind, you should still prepare for costs such as new tyres, a tune up, new seat covers or cosmetic repair jobs sooner that of a new vehicle.
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